Purchase Info

Purchase Information
Commissions and Studio Visits

All work in the galleries can be purchased from the artist if not already marked sold. To purchase any piece please contact the artist by email for details regarding price and to complete delivery instructions. All work is bubble wrapped and boxed in corrugated cardboard, for protection before placing in a courier pack.

In the case of sold work, similar pieces may be available. Please contact the artist for details.  The work displayed in these galleries is indicative . Not all work available is displayed.  If the price is not indicated, please contact the artist for the latest pricings.

Generally, plein air pieces range from $100 to $300 depending upon size. Studio pieces as marked.



Commissions are accepted, please contact to discuss.

Studio visits can be arranged. I am an outdoor painter, and spend at least half my time in the field painting. I like to meet old friends and potential clients. Do please contact me by either texting or email to arrange a suitable time.