Workshops and Demonstrations

Current   -   2014

New Zealand .....

  • March  -  Wednesday 26th  
    Motueka Art Group  -   The joys of the limited palette indoors. The Zorn Palette.

  • May -  Wednesday 28th 
    Tasman Art Group.    Direct painting en plein Air  Why would anyone do this? Grin.

  • June / July  -   Demonstrations   -   To be announced

  • August / September. 
    Nayland School.   Classes in Direct painting with brush and knife, using a limited palette.

  • October / November
    Hawkes Bay and Auckland.   Demonstrations and workshops. 
    Details to be announced


New Zealand ......

March  -  Wednesday 20 March 

Motueka  Art Group    -    
Different procedures for direct painting in oils (and acrylic)


April -  "A Taste of Art" tour featuring the Hunter Valley. -
A series of workshops and demonstrations in Australia. 
Hunter valley, Lake Macquarie. Toronto. 

New Zealand

May -   Demonstrations to be arranged around Tasman District.  
Venues to be announced

June  -   Demonstrations of direct painting at the McKee Gallery, Nelson-Suter.   
In conjunction with the annual PAPON Exhibition

August -    "A Weekend of Art." at Fellworth House, Nelson. Demonstrations and workshop. 

Will include an exhibition of  recent plein air paintings. 

 "Picnic at Branford Park" Oil on panel 8x12in. Plein air.       "Maitai Valley Cricket Ground" Oil on Panel  8 x 10