Ross Whitlock
Plein air painter of New Zealand

Ross Whitlock has been painting and teaching  art for over 30 years.  His passion is painting en plein air, primarily in oils, for which the Nelson with its glorious scenery, and equable climate is especially suited.   

From his Nelson studio he travels and conducts workshops all over New Zealand as well as overseas and is  is the founding president of PAPON: The "Plein Air  Painters of Nelson".

As plein air painting is undertaken outdoors, on location, it makes special demands on the artist. A painting must be completed within a few hours hours, before the light changes. Consequently the paintings must necessarily be small, and the equipment portable.

Over the course of his career Ross has learned to master the skills and techniques of "direct painting" or "alla prima" using either the brush or palette knife, thereby producing work that is rich and painterly. 

Using a palette knife effectively, is one of the keys to producing luscious, vibrant landscape paintings in oils.
In demonstrations and workshops Ross shows how to use the palette knife accurately and sensitivly, as an efficient speed painter's tool. 

As a realist oil painter his studio practise explores figure, portrait, genre, still life, as well as landscape. VIew the "Studio" page for more on this.